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The Benefits of Using Plastic-Molded Automotive Parts

More and more, the automotive industry is incorporating parts made from high-performing plastics such as polypropylene and polyurethane. As a result, manufacturers are producing lighter-weight cars that consume less fuel. Estimates equate each 10% decrease in vehicle weight with a 5% to 7% decrease in fuel usage.

The thinking behind this move is due to current environmental and economic considerations, but plastic parts offer other advantages as well. There are many plastics available that offer such benefits as:

  • Prolonged Vehicle Life due to Minimal Parts Corrosion
  • Increased Design Freedom that Promotes Innovation
  • Flexibility with Components Integration
  • Cost-Effectiveness, Comfort, and Safety
  • Recyclability

If you would like to discuss custom parts for your automotive operation, the team at Decatur Mold wants to hear from you. We offer plastic molding services for a full range of applications.

Since 1966, we have continuously grown and improved our operations. We have become one of the most state-of-the-art molding facilities, and our capabilities include transportation, customs assistance, and much more. We take pride in being a company that customers can count on to take on even the largest jobs. Our team is ready to take your call if you would like to learn more or discuss the parts you need.

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Common Questions about Injection Molding Services

Injection molding services are manufacturing processes that set a molten material into a mold, also known as a die. The material takes the shape of the die, cools, and is forced out into secondary processing, where it is prepared for shipment or evaluation. In recent years, the molding process has become a widespread practice. This post will field common questions about the process, and provide some answers.

Why Are Companies Turning to Molding Services?

Injection molding is popular in the manufacturing sector because of its cost-effectiveness. The materials for plastic or metal injection molding are cost effective and quick to prepare, which results in reduced turnaround times. In addition, the molding service is easily repeatable while the equipment used for it has minimal maintenance requirements. In short, you can produce more while saving money.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Injection molding services does have a few drawbacks. The initial investment cost is high since firms need to pay for the equipment and materials to establish their capabilities. Another concern is production volume. If you are only making a prototype or a limited-run, it may be more costly to use molding as opposed to other fabrication methods.

Injection molding services are a smart option that you can add to your team’s capabilities. Contact your preferred manufacturing companies to learn if they offer molding solutions.

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Benefits of Prototype Tooling

You’re always striving to innovate and make products that will make a difference. However, even the best of ideas need refining before they get to the market. By teaming up with a machining company, you can prototype parts and improve the viability of your project. Here are a few benefits of investing in a prototype phase.

The first benefit of prototyping is that it allows you to optimize your research and development resources. Making a sample model enables you to make a proof of a concept. Afterward, you can use that sample to run tests that will allow your teams to determine if the current iteration of your product is suitable for the market. At the same time, prototype tooling allows you to make adjustments to your plans, implement refinements, and create a product that meets your project’s objectives.

Another advantage of creating a prototype is that it allows you to save time and money in the long run. By identifying faults or mistakes in a pre-production tooling run, you can save your enterprise a fortune. Nothing is more costly to a company than a product that has critical flaws. Making prototypes allows you to identify potential mistakes, rectify them, and make a more robust, finished product.

Prototype parts help you to create a more valuable product, allowing you make competitive entries into your target markets. Team up with a tooling company that lets you take advantage of the prototyping process.