Producing the ideal part requires a blend of technical savviness and modern machinery—all buzzing behind the scenes. While we stay busy, you can move on to your other tasks free of worry or distraction.

Contact Decatur Mold Tool & Engineering, Inc. when you’re ready to step up your parts game and provide your clients with only the highest quality products. With our top-of-the-line equipment, we can work with tight turnaround times and a low margin for error.

Equipped for Any Challenge

On this page, you will find detailed information about our facility and the equipment we use to build the molds you need. We are proud to handle everything from simple tool designs to complex military injection molding jobs, which is why we maintain a robust line of first-class machinery and the highest standard of technical experience.

If you have any questions about the equipment we use, contact us. Our knowledgeable staff would be happy to answer your questions and demonstrate why we are the right firm to handle your mold design-build project. We look forward to working with you on production tool building, contract machining, and much more.

On the Cutting Edge Since 1966

Decatur Mold Tool & Engineering, Inc. has been a leader in the mold and tool industry for over half a century. Over the decades, we have worked hard to maintain our reputation for cutting-edge equipment and techniques by constantly upgrading our facility and skillset.

Our mission is to combine tomorrow’s technology with our powerful work ethic to adhere to the highest standard of excellence in the mold-making industry. Learn more about our commitment to excellence and what you can expect from our facility by contacting us today.