The Importance of Precise Plastic Molding Services in the Medical Industry

Plastic molding services play a vital role in the health care system. Durable and versatile materials such as silicone, polycarbonate, and polyurethane are both cost-effective and able to withstand high temperatures during sterilization in an autoclave. These qualities make them ideal for a broad range of applications, including surgical devices, equipment components, beakers and containers, orthopedic supplies, and much more.

With plastic molding, health care providers have the supplies they need to deliver a high standard of service. One of the most important considerations during the manufacturing of these supplies, though, is precision. Medical-grade equipment must be compliant with strict FDA and ISO regulations. And, given the nature of their use, there is no room for production errors that could result in parts malfunction later on.

If you purchase medical supplies and equipment for a hospital or clinic, you need to work with a manufacturer whose capabilities allow for precise and adaptable production. At Decatur Mold Tool & Engineering, Inc., we proudly offer plastic injection molding for clients in the medical field. Our facility uses state-of-the-art equipment, and we are set up to accommodate large, repeat orders. For industry-leading plastic molding services, choose our skilled experts.