view under the hood of car

The Benefits of Using Plastic-Molded Automotive Parts

More and more, the automotive industry is incorporating parts made from high-performing plastics such as polypropylene and polyurethane. As a result, manufacturers are producing lighter-weight cars that consume less fuel. Estimates equate each 10% decrease in vehicle weight with a 5% to 7% decrease in fuel usage.

The thinking behind this move is due to current environmental and economic considerations, but plastic parts offer other advantages as well. There are many plastics available that offer such benefits as:

  • Prolonged Vehicle Life due to Minimal Parts Corrosion
  • Increased Design Freedom that Promotes Innovation
  • Flexibility with Components Integration
  • Cost-Effectiveness, Comfort, and Safety
  • Recyclability

If you would like to discuss custom parts for your automotive operation, the team at Decatur Mold wants to hear from you. We offer plastic molding services for a full range of applications.

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