Injection Mold Tool Repairs You Can Count On

Injection Mold Tool Repair and Engineering Change Notices with Decatur

Molds are the foundation of your production line. Although they are engineered to withstand various working conditions, there is always a chance that mold can break or wear prematurely. On top of that, changes in product design and market demand might affect the performance of your molds.

Decatur Mold allows you to stay ahead of the curve with injection mold tool repairs and ECNs. As specialists in plastic injection molds, we offer a wealth of solutions that will protect your bottom line. Our capabilities include the repair and alternation of plastic injection molds.

Well-Rounded Services and Support

Plastic injection molds can be fixed or modified. If there is an unexpected failure in a mold or it requires an Engineering Change Notice (ECN), let us handle repairs and revisions. The solutions we offer are an extension of our injection molding services, which provide the coverage you need at a fraction of the cost.

We understand that time is a valuable resource, and you have orders to fill. Therefore, our tool repair team is always ready to respond to your needs. Our team operates on a four-shift schedule, allowing us to fill service requests at virtually any time. We carry out emergency repair and ECN jobs, and we service molds regardless of their point of origin.

On top of that, we maintain an in-house fleet of delivery vehicles for pickup and delivery. They operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hands down, we will fill your orders and minimize your downtime so that you can continue to operate at your best.

Tooling Experts and Modern Machinery

We have a specialized team dedicated to repairs and plastic molding services. They manage a section of our 87,000 square foot facility that is dedicated to their tasks. Our service team is comprised of technical salespeople, technical advisors, toolmakers, polishers, technicians, and others. Altogether, they possess decades of industry experience related to plastic injection molds and repairs.

We have the right equipment and materials to give your molds a new life. Our facility houses computer numerical controlled (CNC) equipment, electrical discharge machines (EDMs), mills, drill and spotting presses, lathes, and more.


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Decatur Mold has been an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of plastic injection tooling since 1966. To learn more about our maintenance, repair, and ECN services, contact us today.

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