CAD Design

Why Would Your Product Design Be Incomplete Without CAD?

Even if you aren’t a designer, you have likely heard the term “CAD” used before. That is because CAD design services, also known as computer-aided design, have revolutionized product design. CAD is capable of helping professionals of all backgrounds—from architects and engineers to draftsmen—with drafting, drawing ideas, solving design problems, and communicating solutions with ease.

First commercially available during the 1960s, it wasn’t until 1982, when the more commercially available AutoCAD was released, that the industry really began to take notice. Since that time, AutoCAD has paved the way for CAD designing and modeling to become an integral part of any manufacturer before the final product gets made.

There are many stages during the product design step, including the conception, creation, and design phases. Before CAD, draftsmen had to create hand-drawn 2D models to give manufacturers so they could have a clearer picture of what the final product would look like. With CAD, these models can be created in 3D and provide a much clearer view of any issues that need to be addressed or upgrades that need to be made. This has helped streamline the entire process.

CAD’s Impact on Product Design:

  • More Accurate Information
  • Faster Production & Higher Quality
  • Easier Customization
  • Benefits of Technological Advancements