Superior Injection Mold Design and Manufacturing

Ensure you have the molds and tooling you need for your industrial operations by turning to the team at Decatur Mold Tool & Engineering, Inc. We offer various injection mold design and manufacturing services to create custom molds and tools for your injection molding processes. With our molds, you will be easily able to craft the injection molded parts you need for your business. Our 87,000 square foot facility is outfitted with all of the equipment needed to design and create your molds. To learn more about the design and manufacturing services we offer or to discuss the molds and tooling you need for your business, reach out to our office.

Strategically Sourced Tooling

Decatur also has an offshore division called Strategic Sourcing that was opened on July 7, 2004. We understood our customers' needs for low-cost tooling backed by high-quality standards. To achieve this, we have project managers at our technical center in Shenzhen, China, to oversee quality, as well as a project team here in the US that will act as your point of contact. We stand behind the quality of our molds and tools, whether they are built here in the US or at our overseas facility. Additionally, our company is an active foreign trade zone with our own customs broker to ensure a quick and seamless import process. The capabilities of our shops here and in China include:

    • Design Work
    • Prototype and Production Mold Building
    • Custom Machining
    • Sample Parts
    • Stamping Dies
    • Checking Fixtures Content

Services from Decatur

Today, we perform the quality tool and die machining that we started with. Using computer numerical controlled (CNC) mills and other advanced machinery, no design is beyond our capabilities. We also utilize nine injection molding machines of varying tonnage for injection molding capacities. In addition to tool building and injection molding, we also offer a range of valuable services. These include:

Injection Mold Sampling

Injection MoldingWith nine injection molding presses on site ranging from 72 to 946-ton capacity, 13 dryers, RJG certified technicians, and project managers, Decatur is well-equipped to support all your injection molding needs.
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Tool Design

Tool DesignProfessional Designers and Engineering Experts on Staff
Decatur Mold uses superior engineering software for your mold designs to ensure quality and precision. Our mold design staff includes mold designers and process technicians that fine-tune your tool and die designs to maximize efficiency and efficacy.
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Prototype Tooling

BlueprintWatch Your Ideas Unfold before Your Eyes
Project engineers are on standby to assist with low volume injection molding needs, ideal for generating prototype tooling for a range of different manufacturing processes with quick lead times of 5 to 20 days. Both aluminum and P20 steel as well as a variety of surface finishes are available.
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Production Tool Builds

ButtonsGet the benefit of using a low-cost tooling industry that is backed by U.S. quality standards and U.S. engineering and project management support. The production tools we manufacture at Decatur are of the highest quality available in North America, meeting the Society of the Plastic Industry (SPI) standards.
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Tool Repairs and ECNs

Tool RepairsMold Repairs and Engineering Changes
Minimize your production downtime with our dedicated 24/7 trucking services and technical advisors working around the clock to repair your defective mold. Decatur maintains a team of toolmakers, polishers, and technical salespeople. This team can handle all mold repairs, from planned maintenance to emergency repairs, and larger-scale ECN updates. All tool changes are tested and sampled.
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Contract Machining

Contract MachiningDecatur Mold’s contract machining service offers a wide range of CNC machine options to aid in achieving a fast turnaround, a high-quality part built to your precise specifications. Our capabilities include an expansive range of machining services, from milling to lathing to electrical discharge machining (EDM) wire cutting.
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Transportation and Foreign Trade Zone

Company Shipping TruckDecatur Mold has a Customs Broker on staff working directly with shippers to complete all necessary paperwork to save you time without utilizing additional resources. We track each shipment from door to door, ensuring our customer’s needs are being met in a timely fashion. At Decatur, we offer our own trucking fleet to help make your experience easier. This helps us get your tooling back into production quicker.
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Equipment List

Operation EquipmentToday, Decatur Mold operates a state-of-the-art 87,000 square-foot facility, designing, prototyping, machining tools and dies, and creating complex injection molded components around the clock.
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