We don’t mind that. End-to-end, we take full command over planning, production, and delivery, utilizing our own people, equipment, and trucks. This ensures everything is produced to our own standards and handed to you on time.

Our gallery highlights a few industry-specific examples of what we can do. Browse some of our project highlights, including:



Specific Weight Criteria for Military Parts in New Jersey

Decatur Mold worked with a customer in the military industry when their part exceeded the allowable weight for the application. Decatur Mold was selected to complete the project due to our staff of technical experts and understanding of the solution our customer was looking for. The team at Decatur Mold had to conform to specific weight criteria to ensure the project was successful.

The Process

The project began with communication between our expert personnel and our customer. Using the information provided to us, we began a strategy of trial and error with different materials. Once the correct material was selected, the team utilized an injection molding machine to complete the project.

The total turnaround time was about three weeks. In the end, Decatur Mold achieved what our customer thought could never be done, providing the precise allowable part weight for their application.

Juvenile Safety

Infant Car Seat Part for a Customer in Ohio

Car Seat

A customer in the juvenile safety industry needed a prototyping project completed with results in 24 hours. One of their infant car seats had failed a crash test and needed a redesign to pass the required test.

This customer chose Decatur Mold to complete this time-sensitive task because of Decatur’s reputation for quality and rapid turnaround. Decatur had previous experience building several tools similar to the task at hand.

The Process

The project began with communication between our customer and key personnel at Decatur Mold. The technical staff at Decatur Mold worked to redesign the infant car seat part. The inserts were then machined overnight and fit into a mud base.

This prototyping project was completed overnight with Decatur Mold’s personnel hand-carrying the parts to the delivery location very next morning.

The team was able to produce 100 plastic parts for delivery the next morning. Once these parts were produced and delivered, the car seats were able to pass the crash test.


Under the Hood Plastic Parts for an Automotive Customer in Kentucky

EngineA customer in the automotive industry needed large, under the hood parts produced. To produce these parts, they needed to utilize their injection molding machine, but this machine was broken at the time and halted their production capabilities.

This customer heard about Decatur Mold because of the facility’s proximity and reviews from others in the industry. Our customer was based in Louisville, KY, and was aware of the available capacity at Decatur Mold.

The Process

The process began when our customer brought, signed off, and approved parts for visual inspection, as well as all specifications and printed documents as it related to the parts so Decatur Mold’s team could be successful in completing the project.

Our team met with the two contacts at midnight at Decatur Mold’s facility. The customer’s parts were placed through the proper machinery, approved, and packaged. Decatur Mold’s personnel left at 2:00 a.m. and was back to work at 7:00 a.m. Our staff ran the customer’s mold around the clock with two shipments per day, morning and evening, for eight weeks until our customer got his press to operate properly. To complete the project, we utilized our in-house 946T injection molding machine.

The first shipment was ready at 6:00 a.m. when Decatur Mold’s truck arrived. The result was a happy customer and a production line that continued to run as planned with no down time.