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Getting Parts for Less with Low-Cost Country Sourcing

Often, companies try to keep their product prices low by purchasing the materials and parts they use from lower-cost sources. The lower the production cost, the higher the profit margin. The math makes sense. However, customs and border regulations as materials and finished products pass from one country to another can become more muddled.

At Decatur Mold, we are not only a premier manufacturer of custom parts. We also provide full support in American foreign-trade zones. These are specially designated areas, similar to free-trade zones elsewhere, where materials can be imported, stored, and even manufactured into finished products and re-exported without the usual customs duties.

We employ special customs agents solely to support our customers that are using foreign-trade zones. We eliminate the confusion and hassle from the often stressful regulations that are a part of utilizing the benefits of these zones. If you are involved in low-cost country sourcing, our team is available to help you.

We’ll not only help you with the trade-zone aspect of manufacturing. As one of the few companies in the industry with a fleet of Kenworth trucks, we can also deliver your merchandise to its destination. We take pride in being the resourceful partner that are customers can count on.